Sport in heat: 8 tips for training in the summer

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Sport in heat: 8 tips for training in the summer

So you can go through it even in hot temperatures

It’s that time again – Summer in the city. Swimming pools, parks and ice cream shops are bursting at the seams, you sweat already doing nothing and after the shower you can jump right back under it. Nevertheless you are highly motivated and want to work on your beach body or simply stay fit ? So that your training stays healthy and is still fun, you should consider these eight tips for sports in the heat !

Liquid: Drink a lot is the A & O

Sure, we’ve all heard that drinking a lot is important! Even more important at the current temperatures – especially in combination with sports! The increased sweating you lose significantly more fluid and minerals than usual. This is not only unhealthy and can cause physical discomfort, even your workout itself suffers: Even with a fluid deficit of only two percent , your performance drops sharply. 
Look, therefore, that in the summer throughout the day you drink regularly and enough – and do not ask first, if you have a thirst. For training: Drink small sips every now and then – half a liter of sports per pint, If water is too boring: Apple spritzer is healthy if you mix it yourself (1/3 juice, 2/3 water). Or pimp your water with mint, lemon juice or fresh orange and make you a vitamin water . Cleansing iced tea itself is also mega easy.

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