Sport in heat: 8 tips for training in the summer

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In my magazine I inform you daily about current sports and lifestyle trends, sweaty workouts and fitness-oriented nutrition. It does not matter if you want to know how to do your own easy protein bar, which Calisthenics exercises will make your muscles burn, which fat killer foods you can access without a guilty conscience, what sense dinner canceling has or just some delicious inspirations for protein-rich breakfast shakes searches – here you will find answers! 
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You’re tired of 08/15 recipes, standard training schedules or boring topics you’ve read x times ?! Then you are right here! Click through my categories Tips & Tricks, Fitness & Training, Nutrition, Recipes and Lifestyle and see for yourself! 
You are just getting started and have no idea about the fitness scene? No problem: In my encyclopaedia you will find scientific topics related to fitness, weight loss and muscle gain in an easy and understandable way – without unnecessary technical jargon.

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