EMS Training: What does power sports really do?

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EMS Training: What does power sports really do?

Under power, the fat melts?

A big and above all lasting hype of the last years: EMS Training . Some swear, others do not even dare to squeeze into the body suit. Honestly, a little bit of power to the muscles and that should do it? And how did the company ANTELOPEfrom Frankfurt take EMS training to a new level? You will learn everything here!

What is EMS Training?

The EMS is E lektro m yo s timulation, so electronic muscle stimulation . Your muscles are made to contract by current impulses. The hype comes from physiotherapy and has a really important purpose there. If you have injured yourself and are unable or unwilling to exercise properly, you may experience muscle wasting in the long run. And no athlete wants that. So for this purpose, the current comes to the aid: Through the current impulses, the muscles are stimulated and selectively maintained or even built. Also in competitive sports EMS becomes trainingused as a supplement. In addition to their sport, competitive athletes do not have to spend all their time in the gym and do weight training, but, to put it bluntly, get energized to stimulate their muscles. Means: more time for the actual sport.

How is electricity trained?

You must you EMS training not as a „normal“ total body workout imagine. You do not train directly on equipment or weights, but only on your own body weight and only do dynamic exercises such as lunges, squats and the like. You get a suit that consists of vest, waist belt and arm and leg cuffs. The suit is filled with electrodes and connected to an EMS device . You always train with a trainer, which regulates the current surges for you, thus the frequency (ideally 80 to 85 Hertz), the contraction and pause duration (usually in each case four seconds) and the pulse strength. Electric stimulation works best when water is involved, so do not be surprised if your suit is wet .

Many of the chains advertise that 20 minutes of exercise per week are sufficient to effectively train the entire body musculature. Sounds nonsense, but is advisable for health. Due to the current the training is much more intense for the body and it takes longer for the regeneration. So to avoid overtraining , you really only train once or twice a week !

Where can I do EMS training?

Either a Physio practice offers EMS training to you or one of the many EMS training studios nearby . Meanwhile, there are several different chains that offer the power sports. You just have to google it and see what’s so close to you. The fitness search engine fitogram shows you where to find something. There should  already be over 1,500 providers in Germany .

How Expensive is EMS Training?

It all depends on where you want to do EMS training and for what reason. To do this in a physio practice most likely needs a reason like injuries and Co. as well as a prescription from the doctor. In the numerous EMS-Studios you can just go there and get advice first. Since the prices vary but also from studio to studio something. As a rule, you have a contract with the EMS gym , usually with terms of 6 months to 18 months. Depending on which contract you choose, you pay close to 20 euros or more per week! So almost for one time training 20 euros . The cost of EMS trainingare not without … But it is even more expensive, because there is also the possibility that an EMS personal trainer comes with you with the EMS device and the suit. That is then per week – so per training – sometimes loose 40 to 90 euros … No bargain.

What does the training bring with electricity?

To be energized for such a short time, to tense the muckis a bit and then the pounds tumble in huge amounts ?! This is also wishful thinking with EMS Training … The advantage is definitely that the training takes place without heavy weights or awkward „clamping“ in equipment, which is great especially after injuries, you train your entire body and only through bodyweight exercises with yours Coach . Speaking of trainers … This is a real advantage for all inconsistent among you, because everything you do is under the supervision of trained coaches. So you can not shy away from any exercise and you’ll inevitably have to do the exercises, and your coaches will pay attention to doing the exercises properly. TheEMS training can cost you your inner bastard by the consequence and you have to buck right on sports! But : Your entire musculature is indeed addressed with EMS training , but is not a substitute for classic power and endurance sports!

Who is this training worth?

The training with power has been specially designed for people with injuries . So that they can nevertheless stimulate the muscles and do not have to suffer from muscle atrophy . Because who has an injury, can not stretch in equipment and lift weights. So who of you from football and Co., for example, has a broken knee, but can still get his footballer calves – with EMS Training !

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